8 Easy Tips for Repainting Your Old Furniture

This year is all about being conscious and taking the sustainable route. So, why not give a new life to your old wooden furniture instead of throwing them away?

Never repainted old furniture before? Worry not, it isn’t rocket science. We will tell you everything you must know about repainting old furniture. Here are 8 easy tips that will make you a pro wood painter in no time. 

  1. Gather all the painting supplies 

We are talking about everything from paint to painting tools. Decide whether you want to buy enamel paint, latex paint or chalk paint. If you want a long-lasting and lustrous finish, then you must consider going for enamel paint. Once you have bought your paints, next comes the painting tools. Do you want to spray paint or use a synthetic brush? A pro tip is to use a mix of both and invest in spray paints and round and flat paint brushes. 

  1. Prepare the work area

If you have a backyard, then paint your wooden furniture outdoor. People who are planning to do the painting work inside must make sure that the room they are painting in is well ventilated. Cover the floors and the furniture in the room with a canvas drop cloth to make sure that you don’t end up getting paint splattered on them. Don’t forget to use protective gloves and goggles as a precaution while painting your wooden furniture on your own. 

  1. Clean the surface 

The biggest mistake you can do as a beginner is to paint on a wooden surface without thoroughly cleaning it. You must clean the wooden surface and get rid of the dust and the grime which will tamper the adhesiveness of your wood paints

  1. Detach the wooden surface 

If you can dismantle wooden furniture, then you must do it as it will make it easy for you to paint the furniture. Make sure that you let the painted surface cure completely before you put them back together. 

  1. Prep the surface 

Use sandpaper or an orbital sander and sand your old furniture. This step will ensure that you have a smooth surface to paint on. You must scrape and remove loose wood paints from the wooden surface before you start priming the wooden surface. If there are any holes or gaps on the surface, fill them with a wood filler that you can easily buy from your local paint store. 

  1. Prime the surface 

You must prime the wooden surface before you paint it. By priming the surface, you can ensure that your varnish or wood stain sticks properly to your wooden surface and lasts longer. A pro tip is to apply at least two coats of primer and let them dry completely before starting the painting work

  1. Paint the wooden furniture 

Apply at least 2-3 coats of the paint and let each coat cure completely. It is recommended that you use several coats of sealant on the wooden surface to lock in the wood paint

  1. Let the paint dry 

Though it might appear that your newly painted wooden surface has dried up, interior design experts say that, if possible, it is best to avoid touching the painted wooden surface for at least a month. This will ensure that there are no dents or scratches on the painted surface. 

Repainting furniture is a creative and fun activity that you can do with your family or friends on a weekend. Sceptical about painting your furniture on your own? Choose Asian Paints Safe Painting Service and let their professional wood painters transform your old furniture and make them shiny and chic again.