DIY Decorative Juju Hat Inspired Wall Decor Tutorial – DIY Show Off ™

DIY Decorative Juju Hat Inspired Wall Decor Tutorial – DIY Show Off ™

DIYShowOff Juju hat wall decor tutorial

juju hat wall decor diy

When a buddy of mine experienced to section methods with her African Juju hat wall decor (you do not want to know), she was in the current market for a alternative. It is been a while because I’ve been crafty and what superior time than the new yr for a fresh begin?! Fantastic timing. A perfect possibility to aim on the favourable and to mail some superior juju to a friend. 

What is your initial Do it yourself undertaking of the new year? Wanting for and effortless, enjoyable and “GOOD” Do it yourself to jumpstart 2022? This is the great small project for you to test! I felt empowered and influenced so I opened up my Amazon app and ordered these provides: 

diy materials for juju hat wall decor

Supplies I made use of (referral inbound links):

cardboard circle (could quickly make a person from recycled cardboard as well, especially if you have been procrastinating the vacation clean up up!)

• feather trim ( procured 2 of this feather trim and 1 of this feather fringe trim)

• aluminum pop leading (removed from can) to hang (could also use string or hang with drive pins)


warm glue gun/sticks, scissors

What I did:

I found the middle of my cardboard circle. From there, I drew a straight line to the outer edge. 

tape measure

Applying scissors, I minimize alongside the line. 


Next, utilizing very hot glue together just one aspect of the reduce, I glued the other side a little bit on top rated to produce a tiny little bit of a ‘bowl’-shape. It is pretty slight…just sufficient to give it a 3D glimpse.

Gorilla Glue gun

cardboard circle

Then, protect your fingers ‘cuz that very hot glue is Scorching! Be careful! (I used a capped pen to keep down the ribbon as wanted.) Decide placement and start attaching the bottom of the feather trip to the cardboard circle. I labored my way all-around the outer edge. 

hot glue

feather trim

feather crafts

feather circle

Repeat in circles for full coverage. Based on your materials, identify how close alongside one another to go over the cardboard. I alternated the 2 different feather trims. 

gluing feather trim

feather ribbon

juju hat craft project

making a juju hat decoration

gray feathers

placing feathers

circle of feathers

juju hat inspired wall decor

circle of gray feather trim

cutting feather trim

hot gluing feathers

diy juju hat wall decor

making a juju hat

DIY juju hat tutorial

easy diy feather project

juju hat DIY

For the middle, insert a coordinating or identical color silk flower. Or, like me, just take a bit of leftover trim and roll to develop a “center” piece. Connect with hot glue. 

glue gun and feather trim

feather trim craft flower

feather boa craft

craft project with feathers

Fill in with particular person feathers as desired.

scissors and gray feathers

gray feather and glue gun

gray feather craft idea

Attach hanging system of option to the again with hot glue. 

hanging wall decor with a pop top

Easy peasy! Much lighter and not as in-depth or weighty as the real issue but attractive none-the-fewer and exclusive due to the fact you manufactured it oneself!

The result:

diy juju hat wall art

diy gray juju hat wall art

Texture! Softness. Elegance!

poofy feather wall art

sitting room wall art diy

DIYShowOff Juju hat wall decor tutorial

gray juju hat wall decor

diy gray feather juju hat decor

I’m hooked and prepare to generate numerous a lot more! Additional feather trim as been requested! I need to have a fluffier a single! A feather boa would operate as very well (despite the fact that a little messier)! Perhaps some rattan coasters for the center or a coordinating silk peony would be beautiful also. I’ll arrive back and put up more photos. Interested in including yours to the attribute? Post your juju hat picture to thediyshowoff at gmail. 

How about you? Prepared to get crafty, resourceful and motivated in 2022?


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