DIY Home Sales

Once upon a time, the mere mention of DIY, conjured up simple pictures of manageable house renovation projects, and regular trips to the local hardware store. But maybe, the real future of ‘home DIY’ is in the selling and buying of properties via the world wide web.

Online Service

The entrepreneur, property developer and host of popular UK television show ‘Property Ladder,’ Sarah Beeny, has launched an online service, aimed at giving the client complete control of the buying and selling process. At no cost to the customer whatsoever. You can look at sell my house fast jacksonville websites to find more information about selling your home fast in Jacksonville. And in these days of depleted house prices, and severe selling conditions, who don’t want to save a few thousand pounds or dollars?

Beeny, who launched in summer 2009, has set out to provide a service to those who wish to buy, sell, or rent a property without an agent’s assistance. And while this is not the first website to offer sell-your-own-home enthusiasts the chance to dispense with professional services, it is certainly unusual in that it provides the online listing and some handy tips and advice, completely commission-free. With the added allure that it is the brainchild of a well-known and respected celebrity with considerable expertise in the housing market, it certainly has the potential to ruffle a few feathers in the British real estate industry.

Even the affable Sarah Beeny, is quick to concede that some people will always feel more comfortable engaging the services of an agent, rather than dealing with viewings, negotiations, and themselves. This site has been designed to appeal to those who feel that they can manage the non-legal, albeit time-consuming, elements of steering a home sale, purchasing, or letting.

If UK agents are concerned about tepilo, then the next significant threat, currently raising its head, can cause some severe ructions. The retail behemoth that is Tesco is expected to launch a property website that will allow owners to advertise their properties for a low, flat fee. Having already been forced to drop a previous online property site launched in 2007, due to legislation that governs British real estate, Tesco is now expecting a softening of the bill by the Office of Fair Trading, which will allow it to go ahead. And, if rumors are to be believed, Google UK will shortly be following suit with a property search service, too.

So, what does this spell for the future of real estate in this increasingly technological age? As Sarah Beeny herself attests, there will still be the need for professional agents for various reasons. Not everybody has the confidence, or ability, to market their own home.

And there will always be people who are quite happy to pay an expert when it comes to handling the pricing of a property, or the negotiations when it comes to a sale. Although relatively uncommon in the UK, ‘For Sale By Owner’ is an established, if relatively small, sector of the US real estate market. Whether these potential threats to the industry, on the other side of the pond, will ultimately have any repercussions here, remains to be seen.