Drones Are Great Tools But Aren’t A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Drones Are Great Tools But Aren’t A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Know-how has it is area in business and the roofing small business is not any diverse. It’s how you use that technological innovation to do your task that matters.

Today’s systems, like utilizing drones and satellite imagery to inspect a roof, are helpful and admittedly truly cool, but we are nowhere around Star Trek stages of technology in which simply scanning a house with our interesting-hunting tech will inform us all we need to know. Not still anyway.

The Coronovirus pandemic brought some of these systems to the forefront, and they are without a doubt good and quite beneficial, but we’ve witnessed far more than a couple corporations misrepresenting how they are applied. From using Coronovirus safety measures as an justification to not inspecting your roof in-man or woman, to even claiming drones are top-quality to in-human being inspections, these firms are doing their buyers a disservice by telling them things that are simply just not real.

Of course basic safety steps are crucial but you really don’t require to forgo a suitable in-person roof inspection to be harmless, as we’ve established around the total class of the pandemic. Appropriately undertaking an in-man or woman, on-web page, roof inspection needs really handful of further actions to guard home owners and our personnel without having chopping corners.

It is Not Probable To Conduct A Suitable Roof Inspection Without having Bodily Acquiring On The Roof

We at Atlanta Roofing Specialists see the benefit in applying new technologies, like drones, to aid with performing a roof inspection in some situation, but using it as a substitution to undertaking a comprehensive, actual physical walk on the roof and as a result of attic parts? No, no, no…not anytime quickly anyway.

The fact is drone know-how and even satellite imagery (which we use to guide us as effectively) are great resources when carrying out a roof inspection but the facts is minimal at greatest. Even though a photograph or satellite image can give us the tools to assemble items like measurements and figuring out fundamental structural data it tells us extremely minimal about existing and opportunity challenges. In point, they differ quite minor from the “old fashioned” photographs we have normally taken and made use of.

At the moment, absolutely nothing replaces the actual physical act of obtaining on a roof, sensation each step and remaining able to get up close and physically touch suspect places to figure out if troubles are cosmetic and/or probably disastrous! Anything at all fewer and the outcomes can prove costly, or even deadly, to householders.

If your roof contractor is saying a drone or satellite photos is all they want, be suspicious, GET A Next or even a Third belief if you need to have to. You’d be surprised at how many points a photograph Doesn’t present and respected roof contractors know this.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists inspects every single roof we see, correctly, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, every time. Even though we do use technological innovation to aid us, it often compliments the procedure, it isn’t the method alone. For a appropriate onsite estimate, get in touch with us today at (770) 419-2222

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