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Easy Baked Donuts Recipe with Easter Bunny and Chick Frosting

This baked donut recipe is an straightforward Easter dessert that the young children can assistance make! After baking, comply with these decorating strategies to make them into spring chick and Easter bunny donuts making use of frosting. 

For far more straightforward Easter ideas, examine out our printable Easter bunny signal set, twenty five colorful and fun Easter decorating ideas, and 32 non-sweet Easter basket ideas.

Easy Baked Donuts Recipe With Frosting For Easter Bunny Donuts Chick Donuts Remodelaholic

Simple Baked Donuts Recipe for Easter

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These do-it-yourself baked donuts are so straightforward that the young children can make them! All you need is a cake blend, butter, eggs, and milk. Then comply with the decorating recommendations down below to frost your do-it-yourself cake donuts to be fluffy yellow spring chicks or basic white Easter bunny donuts.

Easy Baked Donut Recipe With Easter Bunny Decorating Spring Chick Frosting Remodelaholic

No extravagant decorating resources or capabilities wanted! Just sprinkles, a #four spherical decorator’s suggestion, a #three spherical decorator’s suggestion, and disposable decorator luggage.

How to Make Baked Donuts

To make baked cake donuts at home, you’ll need a donut pan. This pan set has a big donut pan and a mini donut pan, additionally the piping luggage and a spatula to make it straightforward!

Then just blend up the donut batter until smooth. Fill a big pastry bag and pipe the batter into the pans. (You can also use a big zipper plastic bag with a corner snipped off.)

How To Make Baked Cake Mix Donuts In A Donut Pan Remodelaholic

1 boxed cake blend will make twelve-15 whole sized baked donuts and about 24-30 mini donuts.

Want to make do-it-yourself donuts without the need of a donut pan? Try out this muffin tin donut hack: Roll a smaller cylinder of tin foil and location it in the centre of a the perfectly of a muffin tin. Grease the pan and the tin foil “donut hole”. Then pipe the donut batter all around the cylinder and bake as regular.

Easy Cake Mix Baked Donut Recipe Remodelaholic

More baked donut recipes from scratch: chocolate berry baked donuts   //  pistachio and cranberry baked donuts

How to Frost Baked Donuts

Handmade baked cake donuts are tasty with or without the need of frosting — but we all know that young children love frosted donuts (with sprinkles!)

The essential to frosting do-it-yourself donuts is dipping the donut into the frosting, rather than hoping to unfold the frosting on the donut.

Scoop 50 percent a can of frosting into a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 30 seconds. Stir the warmed frosting perfectly to remove any chunks, and stir in any preferred shade foods coloring.

How To Frost Homemade Baked Cake Mix Donuts Remodelaholic

Dip the leading 50 percent of the cooled donuts in the frosting. Enable the extra to drip again into the bowl, shaking gently if wanted. Switch the donut ideal-facet up and shake gently facet to facet to stage the frosting.

Set the donuts on a mesh cooling rack to allow for the frosting to drip off the edges if wanted. (A cookie sheet or wax paper below the cooling rack makes for brief cleanup.)

How To Frost Homemade Baked Donuts Remodelaholic

Every single can of frosting will embellish about a person batch of donuts, relying on how much frosting you use for the added decorations down below. If you’re decorating with many colours of frosting, you’ll need about 50 percent a can for just about every shade to have sufficient frosting to sufficiently dip the donuts.

We propose this decorator foods coloring set.

How to Decorate Easter Bunny Donuts

Easter Bunny Donut Frosting Decorating, Easy Baked Donut Recipe Remodelaholic

To frost an Easter bunny donut:

Attach the tail, ears, eyes, and nose making use of the leftover warmed white frosting.

To make the sprinkle marshmallow tail, put a mini marshmallow on a toothpick and dip it in warmed frosting to coat all sides. Quickly dip the marshmallow into the white non-pareil sprinkles, roll to address, and set aside to great.

Baked Easter Bunny Donuts Marshmallow Sprinkle Tail Remodelaholic

To make the cut marshmallow ears, cut a person mini marshmallow in 50 percent diagonally. Quickly dip the cut portion into a smaller bowl of pink sprinkles.

Baked Easter Bunny Donut Marshmallow Ears Remodelaholic

How to Decorate Spring Chick Donuts

Spring Chick Donut Frosting Decorating, Easy Baked Donut Recipe Remodelaholic

To frost a spring chick donut for Easter dessert:

  • Dip the donut in warmed frosting after including yellow foods coloring.
  • Divide the remaining canned frosting into three smaller bowls and shade them dim orange (for the beak and feathers) and 2 lighter shades of orange (for the feathers).
  • Add coloured frosting to piping luggage, making use of a #three spherical suggestion for the beak and #four spherical suggestion for the feathers.
  • Use 2 mini chocolate chip eyes, then pipe on the beak and feathers.

Easy Baked Donuts For Easter Bunny And Spring Chick Donuts Remodelaholic

Cake Blend Baked Donut Recipe and Decorating Directions

Cake Blend Baked Doughnuts for Easter

Helps make twelve-15Prep Time: 10 minCook dinner Time: 15-17 minutes

Prep Time10 minutes

Cook dinner Time15 minutes

Program: Dessert

Search term: easter


Baked Donut Elements

  • ● 1 15.twenty five oz box Cake Blend – any flavor
  • ● ½ cup 1 adhere butter, melted and cooled
  • ● 2 eggs place temperature
  • ● 1 cup milk

Frosting and Decorations for Easter Bunny Donuts

  • ● 1 can vanilla frosting – canned frosting operates very best
  • ● White Food items Coloring optional
  • ● Mini Marshmallows
  • ● Mini Chocolate Chips for eyes
  • ● Pink Coronary heart Sprinkle for nose
  • ● White and Pink Nonpareil Sprinkles

Frosting and Decorations for Spring Chick Donuts

  • 1 can vanilla frosting
  • Mini Chocolate Chips for eyes
  • Yellow and Orange Food items Coloring
  • Disposable Decorator Luggage


Baked Donut Directions

  • Preheat oven to 325 levels

  • Coat doughnut pan with non-adhere cooking spray AND wipe out extra with paper towel

  • Blend all donut ingredients with each other until smooth

  • Add batter to a disposable decorator bag or resealable bag

  • Pipe batter into doughnut pan, filling ½ whole

  • Bake at 325 levels for 15-17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the doughnut comes out thoroughly clean

  • Awesome in pan for 10 minutes, remove and great entirely on wire rack

Frosting for Easter Bunny Donuts

  • Add about ½ of the can of frosting to a microwave safe bowl

  • Warmth about 30 seconds

  • Add white foods coloring for a far more lively frosting

  • Add wire rack on leading of baking sheet – to capture the drips

  • Blend perfectly, the consistency wants to be runny but not also runny or incredibly hot

  • Switch doughnut upside down and dip leading into the melted frosting

  • Gently shake off extra

  • Switch ideal facet up and shake facet-to-facet to stage frosting

  • Place on wire rack until firm

Decorations for Easter Bunny Donuts

  • Add white nonpareil sprinkles to a smaller bowl

  • Add a mini marshmallow to a toothpick (for dipping) and dip into melted white frosting

  • Quickly dip into sprinkles and set to dry

  • Add pink nonpareil sprinkles to a smaller bowl

  • Lower 1 mini marshmallow in 50 percent diagonally

  • Quickly dip cut portion into the sprinkles and set to dry

  • For face – switch mini chocolate chip upside down and insert into doughnut for eyes

  • Add a very smaller amount of money of frosting to the coronary heart sprinkle and include to doughnut for nose

  • Dip base of “tail” into frosting and include to doughnut

  • Dip base of ears into frosting and include to doughnut

  • Set aside to dry

Frosting and Decorations for Spring Chick Donuts

  • Repeat frosting system as for bunnies, but coloring the frosting yellow

  • To embellish – include a smaller amount of money of frosting into three bowls and shade just about every with dim orange (for beak and feathers), and 2 shades of orange for feathers

  • Add frosting to decorator bag equipped with a #four suggestion for the feathers and #three suggestion for the beak

  • For face – switch mini chocolate chip upside down and insert into doughnut for eyes

  • Pipe on beak with dim orange frosting

  • Pipe on feathers

  • Set aside to dry

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Easy Easter Dessert Baked Donuts Recipe From Cake Mix, Decorate Easter Bunny Donuts And Spring Chick Frosting #remodelaholicEasy Baked Donut Recipe And Decorating Tutorial, Cake Mix Donuts Remodelaholic

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