Everything Apple Announced

Here's everything Apple announced at its March 8, 2022 'Peek Performance'  event | iMore

The day when a company takes the stage to reveal everything it’s been working on behind the scenes has finally arrived. Apple announced a batch of new products, such as the new iPhone SE with 5G, the iPad Air, and Mac Studio, a whole new desktop PC with a powerful new processor.

The Launch 

Apple’s launch event included an updated iPad Air, a Mac Studio Display, the small but mighty iPhone SE, and the Mac Studio studio.

Products Announcement

Apple unveiled several new products and services. Here’s a rundown of everything they released.

  • iPhone SE 5G

iPhone users will be happy to see yet another refresh of the iPhone SE. This time around, Apple stuffed the same A15 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 13 models.

Therefore, this budget-model iPhone is nearly as powerful as the most expensive iPhones and has better battery life.

On your iPhone SE 5G, you’ll be able to access 5G internet, which means access to faster internet via your carrier’s network and protection from the same ceramic shield as iPhone 13.

As with the mainline iPhones, the SE also has a 12-megapixel camera, allowing the same features as photographic styles and deep fusion.

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  • M1 (Ultra) Chip

M1 Ultra is an addition to Apple’s M1 processor family. The M1 Max joins the M1 Pro and the M1 Max. In addition, Apple is combining two M1 Max chips using a dying technology called UltraFusion

There are seven times more transistors in the M1 Ultra chip than the base M1 chip, and it comes with 128 GB of graphics memory.

  • Mac Studio

Apple announced a new desktop PC called the Mac Studio. The device looks like a big, silver block that stands 4 inches tall, like a chonky, double-height Mac Mini. Four thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack are included on the back of the laptop. 

Two USB-C ports are located on the front, while an SD card reader is located on the side. WiFi and Bluetooth are built-in.

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Apple designed a 27-inch monitor specifically for this machine, called Studio Display. A13 Bionic chip installed in the monitor powers iOS right there in the display, making the display essentially a giant mobile device.

Display options include a textured glass screen with 5K resolution to eliminate glare. A 12-megapixel webcam is located on the front, and the display has 6 speakers with spatial sound and a set of microphones.

  • iPad Air

A recent update to iPad Air changed the tablet’s design a bit. It was similar to the iPad Pro with a minimal bezel, rounded corners, chamfered edges, a USB-C charging port, Touch ID (power button), and a powerful A14 bionic processor.

It appears that the newest iPad Air is even more desirable. Apple’s custom M1 chip is the most significant update in the tablet, the same chip found in iPad Pros (and some MacBooks). 

Compared to the previous iPad Air, Apple claims this offers up to 60% better performance. As a result, the iPad Air 5 is also twice as fast as the best-selling Windows laptop in its price range.

It will be available in 64-GB and 256-GB configurations, and a cellular connection is available as regular WiFi.

As the Mac and iPad merge slowly but eventually, their biggest selling point is undoubtedly the new chip. As a whole, Apple dominates the tablet market, with a close to 40% share.

  • Night Baseball

Apple announced that it would begin showing two live Major League Baseball games. Apple TV+ will broadcast the games exclusively during Night Baseball.

Apple’s decision to stream live sports events on its streaming service seems to be a relatively low-risk way to dip its toes into the world of live sports.

We Can’t-Wait

We can’t wait for all these new products to launch. However, there was no mention of iOS 15.4, which adds new features to iPhones like improved support for AirTag and a mask-based Face ID system.