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Friday Feedback: Are you concerned about a decline in infrastructure work?

Quantities unveiled this week disclosed that less infrastructure initiatives are becoming designed in the U.S.

Dodge Facts & Analytics noted a 31% decrease in the nonbuilding sector, which contains work such as roads, bridges and pipelines.

The plummeting figures have been also echoed in a report previously this month that uncovered that infrastructure initiatives well worth $nine.6 billion have been canceled or delayed thanks to COVID-19. 

Nevertheless, in some places, the coronavirus has introduced on a burst in civil initiatives, with governors in states like Florida and Minnesota accelerating highway and bridge building even though less motorists are on the roads.

Building Dive needs to know: Is the gloomy outlook influencing your infrastructure challenge pipeline? Have you seen jobs in the sector referred to as off or delayed thanks to the outcomes of COVID-19? Or, conversely, are your infrastructure initiatives speeding alongside?

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