Fun trip to the fabric supplier!

Yesterday our Central NJ chapter of the Window Coverings Assn. took a discipline journey to Stout, a single of our preferred material suppliers.  They offer you a lovely wide ranging line of materials in lots of unique cost details.

We toured the warehouse and saw the rolls of material and trims, alongside with the spot where memo samples are mailed from.

We also experienced a preview of new sample patterns.  The designs at the base are bandings which can be sewn into the edge of your curtains or drapes particularly if you are applying a solid materials.  That can be just the pop of colour you are looking for!

Some of the top rated promoting materials are demonstrated in the image underneath.  And the top rated promoting colorways carry on to be navy, taupe, spa aqua, and gray.  Blush is beginning to arise and also terra cotta with a browner undertone, which correlates to the Sherwin Williams 2019 colour of the 12 months.