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New Trends to Meet Landscape Taste

Landscaping Trends for 2020 - Bob Vila

Landscaping styles are changing as the years go by. Every day people are finding and purchasing their perfect home. A perfect home is not only on the inside, but the outside, up to its curb, and even the backyard.

Picture this; you are pulling up to your potential new home, it has a great sized driveway, perfect amount of acres, and then there is this beautiful front lawn. What do you see? Does your perfect landscape have lawn gnomes? Maybe the backyard has a large bird bath under twinkle lights. There are many landscape installation ideas out there to choose from, so always browse around before picking the right design.

Geometric Shapes

Step out of the norm and start thinking outside of the box with this idea. Geometric shapes are a fun and new way to get into landscape installation. This technique uses anything from basket weave designs to porcelain tiles as walkways.

Often the chevron pattern is used outside using different colored rocks to show a depth between the design. A common amongst homes is a reddish copper and white design. These are often used for more dry areas that have trouble growing grass. This is an easy way to install a new landscape without costing too much.

Vertical Gardening

A new trend that is catching on is the vertical garden. These gardens are a unique way to give the yard accent pieces much like you would to your living room. Vertical gardens are an easy way to grow upwards using an installed trellis. These can be used to grow anything from flowers or vegetables. This is a great way to bring life to your yard, and show off your gardening skills.

Online there are many DIY tutorials for a vertical garden, however consulting a landscaper for this is recommended. They will know the precise tools to use, and may be able to recommend ideas of where to place the trellis for best lighting and usage.

Pops of Color

Landscaping isn’t always meant to be grass, and stones. It can be something with a pop of color too. A bright accent color can bring an entire yard together. People often repurpose tires or other items, painting them a different color.

Blue is often a hue people will be drawn to as it’s a color of nature. This natural tone will make a nice addition to an already beautiful landscape. Consider using some lawn accessories such as a fountain, or some pots that have been painted blue. If unsure of what to do, consider a colorful plant such as delphiniums, or globe thistles to add a pop of blue.

Fun Around the Fire Pit

Everyone knows of the past time of being around the fire at a camping trip or a bonfire. Not everyone is able to go camping at any time, so why not bring the firepit and comfy seating to the outside.

While there are many options for seating inside the house, sometimes finding the right ourdoor furniture can be a challenge. Consider asking your landscaper if he has any ideas for seating around the fire pit that can be installed without needing to buy extra furniture. A few throw pillows, chairs, or couches can make the look come together completely. Fire pits are able to be used year round, and will create an ambiance of coziness and appeal for everyone.

No matter what type of landscape installation is decided upon, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.