Ultimate Guide To Wardrobe Handles

The Ultimate Guide to Wardrobe Handles - HomeLane Blog

Wardrobes are essential so that you can create more storage in your bedroom. However, focusing only on storage while planning your wardrobe design idea is not sufficient. Since it will cover a large section of your bedroom, the wardrobe design will impact the bedroom’s appearance. Hence, you will have to prioritise its aesthetic appeal as well. 

Although people pay attention to the rest of the elements of the wardrobe, they often ignore the door handle. It is considered a trivial part of the wardrobe design. However, this is not true. The wardrobe handles hugely impact the overall look of the wardrobe. Hence, it has an influence on the bedroom’s appearance as well. There are many different types of wardrobe handles available in the market. You get plenty of options in terms of size, colour, and finish as well. If you are not sure about which option you should buy, here are a few options you can consider for your bedroom wardrobe design idea:

01 of 05 Bar handles 

Some people like simplicity. The bar handle is designed for those people. It has a simple design but is one of the most popular bedroom wardrobe handle designs available in the market. As the name suggests, the handle is shaped like a bar. It stays screwed into the shutter. You can comfortably grip it while pulling or pushing the shutter. There are plenty of finishes available for this option as well. A few popular options are chrome, stainless steel, wood, porcelain, etc. With so many different finishes in the market, you can easily find one for every type of home decor. Consider opting for long bar handles as the weight of the shutter will get distributed and the stress on the hinges will get reduced. 

02 of 05 Knobs 

You must have seen knobs on doors. They are very popular as well. You can use them for your bedroom wardrobe shutters to make them visually appealing. The round shape of a knob adds a more vintage feel to the space. They are perfect for people who want to give a more traditional appeal to the bedroom. However, knobs are generally not recommended by experts for heavy wardrobe shutters. This is because it can put a lot of load on the holding screw. As a result, the knob can get loose over time. If you still want to install knobs, consider installing them on the drawers instead of the shutters. Since you can install two knobs on the drawers, the weight will get distributed evenly and the knobs will not get loose easily anymore. 

03 of 05 Edge profile 

Edge profiles are mostly used in contemporary home designs. They are quite stylish and give your wardrobe shutters more visual interest. People looking for a minimalist and sleek option love this design. They are basically profiles made of aluminium or wood and have hollowed-out sections. The experts will fit them to the edge of the shutter. When you need to open or close the shutters, you will put your fingers in the hollowed-out sections and push or pull. The shutters are not the only place where you can install them. Many people prefer choosing them for the cabinet and drawers as well. 

04 of 05 Handleless 

Minimalist home designs have become extremely popular. Most modern homes have many modern features that make them stylish and functional. If you too want to opt for stylish modern solutions, consider opting for handleless shutters. In case you want to open the shutter, you just have to push it. The slide spring will get activated and make the shutter open. However, the shutter will only open partly. You will have to pull the shutter to open it all the way. The closing mechanism is the same as any other shutter. You can easily create a seamless and sleek wardrobe design idea with this option. Just make sure that you only buy from renowned sellers. If you buy a cheap option, there is a high chance that it will not last very long. The spring can get damaged just within a few years after installation. As a result, your overall expenses will increase.

05 of 05 Recessed handles 

This type of handle does not protrude outward from the shutter. They stay completely embedded in them. The handle design allows you to grip it with four fingers and pull it open. You do not have to put in a lot of effort. Just a light push will ensure that the shutter opens easily. You will mostly find these handles in aluminium. Since they stay completely recessed, they are considered a great option for sliding shutters as well. You will mostly find this handle design in modern homes. Their sleek and minimalist appearance perfectly complements contemporary setups. 

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