Visiting Fiesole and Certaldo in Tuscany

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Sometimes, when you think of getting away, what you really want is to get away from the normality of your daily life and be somewhere else, even if it is not really escaping from the hustle and bustle of people and cities. One of the best places in Europe that you can go to get the best of both worlds is Tuscany. Villas that are situated in the province of Florence in the Tuscan region are some of the best options for giving you the peace and quite of a getaway, while being close to the big city of Florence and villas in bangalore the smaller cities of Fiesole and Certaldo.

Located on the eastern edge of Tuscany, villas that are in neighbouring regions of Umbria are also good bases for exploring the towns and cities of the province of Florence. Fiesole Situated only eight kilometres away from the city of Florence in Tuscany, villas near the city of Fiesole will take you to a location well above the elevation of the neighbouring capital of the Renaissance. The city of Fiesole was likely founded in the 9th to 8th century B.C. but the first recorded mentioned of the town was in 283 B.C. when the town was known as Faesulae and was conquered by the Romans.

Over the course of history, the town was the scene for many battles and it was eventually conquered by Florence in 1125 A.D. When you arrive in Fiesole, be sure to take time to visit the remnants of the ancient Etruscan walls, the Roman baths and amphitheatre. Find the Cathedral of Fiesole, which was consecrated in 1028 and built in a Romanesque style on a basilica floor plan with a nave and two aisles.

Though the interior of the church is relatively unadorned, there is a marble altar, a large statue of St. Romulus and several frescos depicting various religious motifs. Certaldo Located in the Valdesa, about 35 kilometres south of the centre of the city of Florence, Certaldo is a great place for a relaxing day trip during your holiday in Tuscany. Villas that are near the city make it a breeze to nip in and out and enjoy the history and atmosphere of this charming town.

Like many Tuscan towns, Certaldo has a medieval wall that divides the modern town from the ancient heart of the city. The lower town has one of the main squares, Piazza Boccaccio, and the upper, medieval town can be reached by walking or taking the cable car. The town itself is built almost entirely of red brick, and while there, take time to explore the narrow streets and see the Casa del Boccaccio. It was rebuilt in 1947, and was the house where author and poet Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) spent the last seven years of his life. Further into the town you cannot help but see the Palazzo Pretorio, which was originally the castle of Conti Alberti and dates back to its first mention in 1164.

The palace is comprised of a few large halls, the house of the knight, a civil prison, a chapel, torture chambers, the hall of the vicars, and the house of strangers, most of which you can visit and see for yourself.