Wall Mounted Mandir Designs For Your Home

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Your pooja space is a sacred area. It is one of the most important spaces in your home. You should always have a dedicated pooja space in your home for praying. However, people staying in small urban apartments find it very difficult to create a separate room for praying. In most cases, they create a small pooja space in the living room. Although this is a brilliant idea, you will have to be careful while creating one. Your living room will appear smaller if it takes up too much space. Experts suggest choosing wall-mounted mandir designs for this purpose. They make use of vertical space and elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space as well. If you are not sure about the type of wall-mount pooja ghar design you should choose for your home interior design, here are a few ideas:

01 of 05 Box-shaped mandir design for your home

Adding shapes helps to add more visual interest to the home decor. If you like boxy shapes, you can opt for a box-shaped mandir design. They are perfect for mounting on the wall. You can find these boxy wall-mounted mandir designs in modern homes. Look for an option made of wood for a rich and warm appearance. Also, wood is considered a better option, according to Vastu shastra. Choose a jali door design for a stylish look. However, make sure that they open wide enough so that you can easily carry out all your day-to-day rituals. Also, always ensure that your box-shaped wall-mounted mandir comes with storage. Small cabinets or drawers are essential for storing all your pooja accessories in one place. 

02 of 05 Arch mandir design for your home

A lot of people like the arch-shape in the home interiors. There are various ways of introducing an arch shape. One such way involves adding an arch-shaped pooja ghar design to your home interiors. The arch-shaped wall-mounted mandir design can be made of any material of your choice. Just make sure that it complements the interiors. For instance, if you have white traditional wallpaper, you should consider getting a dark wood mandir design. You can look for an arch-shaped pooja mandir design with jali doors for added style. Also, a few shelves or drawers are essential.

03 of 05 A triangle top mandir design for your home

Just like an arch has a curved top, a triangle top mandir design has a triangle-shaped top. Many people prefer this option over other variants because it is considered more auspicious. People believe that the triangle top absorbs energy from the sun. You can create a beautiful wall-mounted pooja ghar design with this option. Consider installing LED strip lighting in your mandir for a stunning look. While some options come with doors, others are open. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any option. 

04 of 05 A wall-mounted white mandir

The colour white has a timeless appeal and has been used in home interior designs for decades. You can consider choosing a white mandir for your home interiors as well. There are plenty of benefits of a white wall-mounted. To begin with, white is considered auspicious. It is the best colour for your pooja space. Moreover, dirt is easily visible on white surfaces. This will allow you to keep the mandir completely clean. Also, white is a very versatile colour. You can install a wall-mounted white mandir in all types of home interior designs. Your home interiors will appear more spacious as well when you choose options in white. However, you must remember that white requires more maintenance. You will have to put a lot of effort into cleaning the mandir every time. 

A plain white mandir design can appear boring to some people. If you are looking for more colours, choose a white mandir featuring dark wood elements. The combination will give your home interiors a luxurious feel. Also, you can choose an option featuring jali doors. They are great for adding more visual interest. 

05 of 05 A simple wall-mounted mandir design for your home

You do not always require stylish options. Some people prefer simple options for their home interiors. These do not feature a lot of extra elements for visual interest. However, this does not mean that these mandir designs do not appear appealing. They have a very sophisticated and elegant look. The right mandir design can do wonders for your home decoration. Their simple appearance makes them quite versatile. Hence, you can use them in all types of home interiors. Also, they will not create a lot of visual clutter and ensure that your room appears spacious. 

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