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Whipped cream with Pasteurized Milk Cream: How to Arrange?

Whipped cream with Pasteurized Milk Cream: How to Arrange?

Pasteurized Milk Cream is the best option for making whipped cream because it has a higher fat content, between 30 and 40%, which helps to stabilize the mixture and give texture to the whipped cream.Another good choice is to use powdered sugar instead of other types of sugar, to make the whipped cream with a smoother texture and less lumps.

Whipped Cream with Sour Cream

Despite escaping the original recipe, the UHT milk cream can also be used to make homemade whipped cream. But it is good to know that the texture and the point of the whipped cream will not be the same obtained with pasteurized / fresh cream.

With that in mind, many people add a special ingredient when making whipped cream with this type of cream: emulsifier. Generally used to make ice cream, the emulsifier is a powder additive that helps to add volume and firmness to recipes. For whipped cream you can buy nangs (aka whip cream chargers) from shops like Nitrouswhip cheaply and get them shipped to your home or place of business.

Adding flavors and flavorings to your whipped cream

  • Flavors and flavorings are good options to raise the level of your whipped cream and make it even more perfect. The most common of these is vanilla, both in essence and straight from the plant.
  • But other ingredients can also be used to give a different flavor to the whipped cream, for example, honey, ginger, liqueurs and zest of citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon.

If you choose to add any of these to your whipped cream, stay tuned during preparation: the ideal time to insert them into the mixture is when the cream starts to set. Then, just add the flavoring chosen gradually and beat normally until reaching the ideal point.

How to make the icing on your cake

Whipped cream is a very versatile cream that can be used in several recipes, including savory. But one of the most common options is to use it to cover cakes and pies.

For those who want a simple icing, the process can be done directly with a spatula, manually, placing the whipped cream directly on the cake, spreading and smoothing.

Those who want to focus on more detailed coverage can put the cream in a bag and make different shapes with icing nozzles.

It is always good to remember not to leave the whipped cream out of the fridge for a long time before eating or using it in any type of recipe. In the case of toppings, it is important to do the process as soon as possible, not only to not lose texture, but also not to affect the flavor and especially the color of the cream.


We tested all the tricks in this article in a special recipe for Strawberry Cake with Filling and Whipped Cream, made 100% with Milk Cream. Click here and see an amazing example of what you can do with the tips you just learned.