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Why It Is Important To Choose The Lighting Fixture For Every Room

Why It Is Important To Choose The Lighting Fixture For Every Room

The small amounts of electromagnetic energy in the light impact one or more neurotransmitters in the brain.  It has been seen that just by correcting the lighting type and color, people can feel lighter, less intense, less fidgety, more focussed, and well-behaved. 

This article tells you ways to select the appropriate lighting fixture in every room.

Impact Of Light On Physiological And Psychological State

Here is how light an impact has on the health of a person.

  • Negative and positive emotions are felt penetratingly under optimistic light.
  • Excessive light at night, which includes electronic media can create difficulties in sleeping and worsen sleeping 
  • Workers and students are healthier, productive, and happier when they are exposed to adequate natural light. 

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Important Factors To Consider In The Design Of A Lighting Design:

Professional experts would consider the following areas to find the right lighting fixture.

  • Size
  • Space
  • Age and preference of an occupant
  • Ceiling shape and height
  • Color of furniture, and walls
  • Existing lights 
  • Electrical setups
  • Points of interest, 
  • Highlight areas
  • Traffic patterns
  • Artwork
  • Shadows 
  • Reflections
  • Daylight integrations
  • Color appearance
  • Surface characteristics
  • Lighting distribution and controls 
  • Source, eye geometry, and task 
  • Economics 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Spatial perceptions
  • Level of illumination
  • Physiological and Psychological factors
  • Electrical codes,
  • Specifications, and
  • Documentation

Lighting For Different Rooms:

Entryways such as stairs and hallways should be well-lit for guests, and family members. Ceiling fixtures are an ideal fixture to provide the ambient lighting at a place.

  • Avoid downlights and potlights that creates high contrast shadows.
  • Use it on artwork
  • Consider installing fixtures per 4 to 6 feet to effectively light the area,
  • Use tracks lighting for a wall wash.
  • Keep a pendant light close to the door 
  • Use energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs 

Utility Rooms and Garages

Task lighting or a combination of pendant fixtures and track lighting helps provide higher illumination. Add lighting and color to these places to focus on jobs like mending, fixing, and sorting.

  • Avoid downlights and potlights as it creates shadows.
  • Install moisture-proof fluorescent fixtures 
  • Use task lighting for tables, worksites, and over appliances.


The right lighting in the bathroom provides function, aesthetics, and safety, for most rooms. Use bright light in the bathroom that is shadow-free, and even. Recessed lighting fixtures frees up space and also provide a glare-free and clean look.


Use ambient light and task lighting to ensure you get plenty of light to perform a wide range of tasks, that includes working, eating, cooking, cleaning, etc. Add undercabinet lights to infuse visual interest and lighten your work surfaces. Use recessed lighting in the ceilings to avoid glares or shadows.


Interior lighting is important to get a peaceful sleep that helps enhance productivity and relationships at home. Understanding the right lighting fixture for every room will help you get the maximum benefits from it.